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Purple Wifi

A scalable, secure cloud-based guest WiFi software with Marketing and Analytic tools.

What is Purple WiFi?

Purple WiFi is scalable, secure cloud-based guest WiFi software with Marketing and Analytic tools. An “over the top” (OTT) application that sits upon your existing WiFi network. In providing free guest WiFi, you can capture guests’ data and generate additional revenue by offering real time e-vouchers, and targeted e-coupons while guests stay on your premises. In addition, you can build a database to make future promotional offers (email shots or SMS messages) or newsletters to attract repeat visits. Purple WiFi is firmware (software) that enables you to “monetize” your WiFi investments and identify your customers.

Customer Benefits

  1. Guests are able to log in to your free WiFi via their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts. They may also log in via standard form, a legal requirement in many countries, including Thailand;
  2. Identify customer segments and know who they are, their demographics, their behaviours and their preferences and hobbies;
  3. Know how often they visit your establishment, whether they are new or repeat users of your WiFi;
  4. Detect their location while they are at your venue (heat mapping and guest footfall);
  5. Customize your landing page; offline / online versions, tablet / smartphone versions;
  6. A simple user interface where you can access an analytics portal and create the right offers for each different customer segment;
  7. An e-mail marketing tool that lets you create automated, real-time e-coupons / e-vouchers to send to customers while they are right there in your venue;
  8. Social Media engagement by increasing Facebook “Likes” or Twitter “Follows”. Sharing with friends also creates advertising and promotion opportunities for later;
  9. Work with your ISP to manage Internet speed and bandwidth, add content filtering and state-of-the-art security encryption;
  10. Collect guest e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers (SMS messaging capability).

End User Benefits

End Users (guests, customers) can enjoy seamless, free WiFi when they log in via their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. They have an opportunity to receive interesting promotions and offers relevant to their interests. Purple WiFi requires a one-time only authentication (registration). End Users are then able to log in anywhere in the world and as many times as they wish.

How does Purple WiFi work?

  1. Purple WiFi “firmware” (software) is automatically flashed onto your existing WiFi infrastructure. No need to change hardware or basic network layout.*
  2. Friendly user Portal, providing you all you need to generate regular reports and additional revenue.
  3. Splash page (logon page) and landing page (mobile home page) with responsive design for PC’s, laptops, tablet computers and smartphone versions. All Social Media messages managed in one, single spot.
  4. Reporting tab: Know your customers, their demographics, their browsing behavior, their dwell time and movement at your premises.
  5. Marketing tab: Create simple e-vouchers, coupons, newsletters. Send in real time to each customer segment.
  6. User training provided by representasia’s customer service specialists. Training refresher for old and new staff twice a year.
  7. Call support 24×7.
  8. All relevant data captured by the Purple WiFi application belongs to you and your business and NOT representasia.

*Purple WiFi supports all major manufacturers’ hardware. Please contact your representasia account representative for a full list.

See Purple WiFi in Action

Every business has the potential to use Purple WiFi. For instance, hospitality & hotel business, retail and shopping malls, bars & restaurants, festivals & events, tourist venues, sports stadiums, hospitals, schools, office buildings, even whole city districts and walking streets. All can take advantage of Purple WiFi’s advanced analytics and location services.