A powerful Proximity Identity Management solution for hotel mobile check-in and keyless entry.

The software focuses on security and associating an ID with an individual and then adding value. It also provides ID relationship management where it’s possible to tell when an individual has entered a location and been granted access to different areas based on who they are—be it a guest or an employee.

Four to five-star hotel chains and boutique hotels with high business traveler traffic are best suited to Proxce, since business travelers will use mobile check-in and keyless entry the most. Nevertheless, we can’t discount leisure travelers, because basically no one likes to wait in line.

Beyond check-in, the Proxce Proximity Identity Manager can be used in restaurants, bars, gyms—the possibilities of this technology are endless. For example, a guest can walk by a bar and be sent a notification of the daily specials. They can also be at any location in a hotel and order from a restaurant on the property and have a meal brought right to them.

Hotel employees will also be able to know a guest’s name and their preferences right when they are standing in front of them. This helps hotels build a highly personal experience with each customer, which in turn, builds loyalty. Having such a seamless experience in a hotel will definitely appeal to hotel customers of any age.

Proxce’s goal is to offer completely SDK and API-based solutions and eventually become more like a VISA or a MasterCard that basically facilitate transactions. At some point, the technology will be embedded into existing apps and systems.