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Hotel Press is a unique supplier of personalized news to your guests in the form of a daily printout (PDF) which can be delivered direct before the world’s newspapers arrive. A mobile version is also available for smart devices.

As a hotel, you can have complete control over the content branded with your property name and logo right at the top, as well as include as much publicity for your property as you wish. You can even use this vehicle to inform frequent guests about future promotions and holiday specials, thus giving them yet another good reason to stay with you again. You only print as many copies as you need, thus achieving significant cost savings versus conventional newspapers.

Hotel Press provides you with your own special service plus world news in many languages. Moreover, your promotional messages and images can be inserted anywhere you wish, without space constraint. You can even personalize each individual copy with guests’ names.

If you are part of a hotel group, Hotel Press offers yet another advantage, namely the ability to cross-sell and mutually publicize offers, thus generating more guests across the board.